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noun: one of the five basic categories of taste in food besides sweet sour salty and bitter best described as savoury

Umami, which literally translates to deliciousness in Japanese can be described as a pleasant savoury taste with a long lasting mouthwatering and coating sensation over the tongue Its that other thing the thing you didn’t even know needed a concept or a name until someone pointed it out. That deep, dark, meaty intercity that distinguishes soy sauce, ripe tomato seared beef, Parmesan cheese anchovies and mushrooms among other things

At Umami, we use our decade-old expertise in the food industry to provide with delicious and wholesome meals that leave you feeling good after eating and get you craving for more! With the narrative power of food, and our global menu offering we strive to weave stories of love, laughter and life with you.

Curries Restaurant has been pampering the taste buds of Ahmedabad since 2005 Serving deliciousness at the two restaurants across Ahmedabad, they have also undertaken more than a 1000 outdoor catering events till date, in parties, weddings and more….

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